Ubuntu for mother in law = yay!

As I wrote in previous post, my personal experience trying to use ubuntu as a php development box was very brief!

However, i was impressed by the GUI side of things in Xubuntu (ubuntu but with the lightweight xfce desktop), and when my mother in law’s (really!) laptop blew up – I took the opprtunity to spread the ubuntu/linux buzz up a generation! :)

My own windows desktop workstation (yes I use windows for my PHP programming – of course the PHP /apache side runs on linux!!) got a weird hardware problem, something to do with USB, and Windows kept rebooting itself, but linux boot cds worked fine… So I thought, oh well, if I cant really use this myself, why not chuck linux on it and give it away!

Mother-in-law literally just writes email and browses the web (maybe writing a few google docs) so i think linux gui is perfect for her….

So… after a fairly easy install…. viola! My crappy old desktop is reborn as a super simple NET PC!!! She loves it!

Hooray for linux, hooray for Xubuntu – rescuing obsolete hardware worldwide! :)