Firefox 3 excitement….disappointment

I just read on slashdot – “ZDNet picks up on yesterday’s Firefox 3 beta 1 review by comparing the memory usage of Firefox 2 against the latest beta. The results from one of the tests is quite interesting, after loading 12 pages and waiting 5 minutes, 2 used 103,180KB and 3 used 62,312KB. IE used 89,756KB.””

Oh how excited I was – the memory issues with FF 2 were why i went back to v1. Could I finally move on!?

The answer……….NO!!

The simple task of removing a link from my bookmarks toolbar sent FF3 into a spin…memory usage 720,000k and counting!! LOL!

What a joke.

Downgrade to Firefox 1.5 – Firefox 2 is a lemon!

Ah, what a brilliant day. For months now I’ve been swearing about how bad Firefox 2 is – memory leaks, slow loading, crashing – it’s been the bane of my coding life. Anyway, finally today I took the time to scour the net for good old Firefox 1.5 – you can’t get it from the official firefox site. Anyway here it is:

I can’t believe how much faster it is! My productivity has gone through the roof!